Screaming Secrets review in Louisville Music News

Screaming Secrets Review in LMN From Louisville Music News…

It sounds as if Second Story Man was able to consume, digest and even spit up its rushing brand of rock to create it’s newest album, Screaming Secrets. Kevin Ratterman’s production assistance can be heard throughout and his Funeral Home recording studio proved to be a fitting sonic battlefield for Second Story Man to wage its own musical war. Screaming Secrets is able to pin swollen waves of grinding tones against swift melodies and swooping harmonies. Warm, oozing textures trudge forward through nerved guitars, restless drums and erratic vocals (“Want Within the Need” and “Clocks”), only to be blinded by clouds of reverb and lofty dynamics on tracks like “Oompa Loompa” and “Traffic Jams.” Violins and banjos are spread across several tracks in a strangely tasteful way. While a host of influences are evident, Second Story Man quickly and firmly plants its own impression of what it means to rock and how to do so. Second Story Man manages to build and keep control of a creatively energetic rock sound. It’s a comfortable chaos amplified by big production that’s not easy to achieve. With Screaming Secrets, the band has raised the bar for themselves and other post-punk indie rock bands. Want more? It’s at

by Hunter Embry


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