Show for Stephen Slaton


We will be playing a show on September 24th in honor of our friend Stephen Slaton, who recently passed away.  The proceeds from the show will help his family out with the mounting medical expenses.

Show starts at 6:45

Crescent Hill Baptist Church (2800 Frankfort Avenue)



Second Story Man

Late Ones


Fork In Socket

Young Lions



2 thoughts on “Show for Stephen Slaton

  1. Hi SSM,
    Good to see that you are still around! A couple of years ago i wrote a review for your Pins and needles album for the Dutch website Kindamuzik. I liked that album a lot. Sadly i lost the cd. And now while surfing around on the web i stumble upon your new website. I was wondering, is it possible to get your older recordings through internet? And can you put a discography with artwork and tracklists online? That would be great.
    Cheers from Rotterdam!

  2. Hi Thom, thanks for the message! Sorry we did not see it on here sooner. You can contact our label, Noise Pollution Records: and they are now distributing our old stuff and our new stuff. Thanks a lot for writing and for the nice review you gave us several years ago! Your idea about putting up a discography is a good idea.. maybe we can work on that idea!

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