second story man discography

We were recently asked to post a discography of our 11 years of music making, with artwork.  Here’s what I’ve been able to dig up so far:

Stories split EP with The Helgeson Story – 1999
1. Spin the Arrow
2. Night Traffic
Weddings, Parties, Sympathy EP– (hand-screened CDs and 7″ formats) 2000
1. Seamlessly
2. Perfect
3. Hoarded Scones
4. N/A
  Pins and Needles LP – 2002Tracklist:

1. Save It For Another

  2. Streets and Shadows  
  3. You, You, You  
  4. Luck  
  5. ~—  
  6. No Pioneers  
  7. Why Fire Burns  
  8. Typewriter  
  9. Talk as Though  
  10. Do You Have a Q  
  11. What A Find  
  12. Paddle Your Own Canoe  

13. (Hidden) Pins and Needles

Red Glows Brighter EP – 2006
1. Mitey Might
2. Catalyst
3. Letter to Be
4. When Your Dreams Expire
5. Cancer Dance
6. Red Glows Brighter
7. Let Me Start Again
Screaming Secrets LP (CD/vinyl) – Noise Pollution, 2009
CD Track Listing
  1. Want Within the Need
  2. Clocks
  3. Oompa Loompa
  4. Quietly
  5. Traffic Jams
  6. Flies
  7. The Mav
  8. Floor Falls Out
  9. Suicide Dream
  10. Bottom Line

LP Track Listing
Side One:
Want Within the Need
Oompa Loompa
Suicide Dream

Side Two:
Bottom Line
The Mav
Traffic Jams

“Write A Note” Cheap Thrills vol. 2 2001
“This Day” Louisville is for Lovers 2002
“Babies Come from Birds” Louisville is for Lovers 2003
“Six Month Coffee” Louisville is for Lovers 2004
“This is Right” Louisville is for Lovers 2005
“Wants the Cold” Louisville is for Lovers 2006
“Darlin’ Always Once” The Way Things Change- Red Square 7″ EP and The Mother Lodge- A tribute to the Rudyard Kipling, 2003 double CD
“Floor Falls Out” Louisville Halloween- Noise Pollution 2002
“Letter to Be” Copper Press #28 2006
“Want Within the Need” Ear X-Tacy Holiday Sampler, 2009
“Lay Down and Die”- Kinghorse Tribute Album, 2010

“Flies” – “Black Box’ Noise Pollution Digital Sampler, 2010

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